How long do you stay on the day?

It really depends on how much coverage you’re looking for, as I can cover from just a couple of hours to the whole day, but on a full day’s coverage I can be there from the preparations (approx 2 hours before ceremony) through to approx 9-9:30pm.

How many photos will we get? 

On a full day wedding I will normally take around 1200-1500 photos. I then pick the 300-350 images that best tell the story of your day. I individually edit every image in colour and black & white, so you will receive approx. 600-700 images on your disc or USB.

Will we have to spend time posing?

My style of photography relies on capturing natural images, and this is how I work throughout almost the whole day. The only time I will take set-up shots is when shooting the group shots. When shooting bride & groom portraits I give a little direction if necessary but I won’t ask you to adopt uncomfortable poses, as I don’t want you look at your photos and not recognise yourself. I always aim to capture natural, relaxed images.

How much time should we set aside for photos?

I normally recommend limiting the number of group shots to a maximum of 8-10. This amount of shots should take no more than 20 minutes. About 15-20 minutes should be enough for bride & groom portraits. I try to keep this part of the day quite brief so that you’re not standing around for too long and you have more time to spend with your guests.

What’s an engagement  shoot?

An engagement shoot is a short (usually about 1 hour or so) portrait session designed as a bit of a practice for your wedding day. It gives you an opportunity to get used to me taking your photo and it lets me see how you are together in front of the camera. It still doesn’t have to involve lots of posing. I aim to keep these sessions as relaxed, fun and informal as possible. You can wear what you like and choose the location for the shoot. You’ll also receive the final edited images on disc.

What happens if your camera breaks on our wedding day?

I carry at least two of everything to every wedding I shoot – cameras, lenses, flashguns, lightstands, (umbrellas for those rainy days) – just in case of any equipment failure or damage. After your wedding I also back up all my photos onto at least three hard drives in two separate locations.

How much of a deposit do you need?

A deposit of £300 is required at time of booking, with the balance payable 4 weeks before the wedding date.

Do we need to decide if we would like an album when booking?

You don’t have to make this decision at time of booking if you’re undecided. You could always opt for the disc only package and then decide later down the line if you’d like to add an album.

When will we receive our photos?

Your disc or USB will normally be delivered within 6 weeks, and albums within 4 weeks of approval of album proofs.